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HDPE Acid Storage Tank

We utilize HDPE material for manufacturing this acid storage tank in view of their strength and dependability. They can withstand the compound properties of corrosive and don't respond with it. We offer these tanks in different shapes like square, rectangle, conical, tube shaped in view of the necessity of the customer. These acid storage tanks are utilized as a part of different industries including chemical, fertilizer, etc. We give exact consideration in manufacturing of these tanks keeping in mind the end goal to influence them to airtight and perfect. They meet the astounding standards of different domestic as well as international industries.

Made available in several dimensions, these robust tanks are provided capacities and come with the ability to withstand high temperatures. These HPDE tanks are lightweight and prove to be a replacement for metal tanks. Acids are highly reactive and they have to be handled with care. To store them special storage tanks are prepared that can hold them safely. The strong reactivity tolerance enables it to handle the acids easily.

HDPE Acid Storage Tank  Manufacturer

Product Details of HDPE Acid Storage Tank

Name HDPE Acid Storage Tank
Capacity 500 Ltrs. to 100000 Ltrs.
Storage Material Acids, Alkali, Process Chemicals, Corrosive Chemicals DM Water, Effluent/Pollutant, Pharmaceuticals
Features Corrosion resistant, No maintenance, Strong structure, Leak proof, Long lifespan, Various shapes, Great finishing
Size( Length X Width X Height) As per requirements